A Stair Lift Chair May Mean the Difference Between You Staying in You Home Or Having to Move

If you are thinking of getting a stair lift chair installed in your home you could be forgiven for thinking that it will cause an upheaval, but nothing could be further from the truth. stair lift chair

The supplying company will fix it to a number of stairs only, which while this is perfectly safe it means that it can be removed just as easily.

Perhaps you don’t need one permanently and have decided just to rent for a while, perhaps someone in the family was unable to mount the stairs for a while, or perhaps you had someone staying with you for a while who couldn’t climb the stairs. This type of scenario means it would be much better to rent than to buy.

You could get a quote online, you would just have to take a few measurements and decide whether the lift was to go on the left or right hand side of the stairs. Obviously accurate measurements would be needed, don’t just guess, then you could have a quote in no time at all.

At least if you get perhaps one or two quotes in this manner it gives you a better idea of what you are looking at, price wise.

One of the measurements would be the width of the stairs, a 29″ wide stairway is necessary to allow for a 6′ tall adult to use the lift.

One really good function is that these stair lift chairs mostly have sensors which can detect anything obstructing the track.

For security there are optional systems which have a key so that only the user can operate it, no children using it for sport etc.

Some stair lift chairs have a power operated seat which, when you reach the top, will swivel to allow you to leave the seat easily, either to get into a wheelchair or just to stand up. There will be a safety switch which will prohibit the lift moving when the seat is not in the proper position.

You can usually choose your upholstery color to fit in with your home decor and most have seats, armrests etc. that flip up out of the way. You will have a remote control to call or send the stair lift chair and you could have a choice of the controls being on either right or left armrest.

There are some models which seem to me to be extremely good value considering that unbelievably they can add anywhere up to 10% value to your home!