No No Hair System – This Hot Little Gadget Is Heating Up The Hair Removal Circuit

After watching the infomercial on the Home Shopping Network some instances, I thought I would take the plunge and try out the No No Hair System 8800. I were given it through their web website in order that I could get the 60 Day Trial merchandising simply to make sure. Although I wasn’t watching for to be hairless after 60 days, it’d be sufficient time to get a good feel for it and decide whether I desired to maintain it Mulher Filé.

The following evaluation is based at the No No Hair System 8800 rather than the No No “Classic”, that is their original unit. I desired a unit that I may want to use on my face, and the 8800 become it because the Classic is not recommended for the facial place. Although the No No Hair System 8800 ($270) is $20 more steeply-priced than the Classic ($250), it’s far surely really worth the more $20 to have the option to use it on my higher lip. In this evaluation I try to cover each thing of the product to reply the question does No No work, and assist you are making an knowledgeable decision.

No No Hair System Claims

It’s pain unfastened
It costs less than laser systems
It is safe for all pores and skin kinds
It is effective on all hair and skin colours
You stand up to ninety four% discount in hair boom
It’s essential to notice that the No No Hair System isn’t a permanent hair elimination system, neither is the length of time to peer results as exact as those of expert laser hair elimination or electrolysis. And don’t forget, professional laser hair elimination is also not permanent. In any case, with repeated and endured use, No No Hair System does considerably reduce the density and increase of hair on all focused regions. The thermal or warmth technology used, immediately influences the hair follicle and delays and disrupts future hair growth.

It’s been 4 months for me and I could say I’ve revel in eighty% hair discount on my legs and a hundred% on my top lip. That’s big! I have not used it in any other vicinity yet. Keep in thoughts, that the No No Hair System, like every other (warmth, mild or professional laser) hair elimination gadget, it’s miles regularly time consuming, with applications recommended 2-three instances weekly for not less than eight weeks. Personally, this isn’t a large deal for me on the grounds that I’m watching TV once I “no no”.

The Review

The query is, does No No paintings or is it just a bunch of empty promises? Well, it is able to not be ideal, but I turned into glad to shop for it after the 60 day trial length become over. Here’s why…

I were given my No No Hair System in the mail 1 week when I placed my order from their website. The device comes with the unit itself, a charger, a brief person’s manual, an after remedy lotion, 2 warm blades (a small and a big), a reachable wearing case, a pores and skin buffer and a little cleaning brush so you can clean the blades and the unit head.

The first element I noticed is that the 8800 is thinner and taller than the Classic (which my buddy has). It is cordless so all you need is to rate it and you do not need to put money into shopping for batteries, which became a grievance a few people had about the “Classic”. Once you charge it, you unplug it and begin the usage of it. I mention that because some electronic stuff needs to be plugged in while you operate it – the No No Hair System 8800 doesn’t. The unit has a show that shows how tons battery lifestyles is left which is likewise available because you don’t need to head useless in mid-treatment, price it after which must do not forget wherein you had been last.

How To Use No No Hair System

As , the No No Hair System was created to cast off undesirable hair from the face, legs, fingers, underarms, lower back and bikini line – almost all the areas of hair growth except which you can’t use the No No Hair System to your genitals or the breasts – so the areola (the ring of pigmented pores and skin surrounding the nipple) is out. Many human beings do have hair inside the areola so I could advise tweezing the ones areas. The No No Hair System is based on Thermicon generation, which basically way it makes use of warmth power to zap hairs all the manner to the root.

Here’s how easy it’s miles to use: preserve the No No Hair System device at a 90 degree angle over the targeted location and circulate it slowly in a instantly line. No No Hair System has a touch mild at the front of the unit that stays inexperienced whilst the tool is getting used the proper manner. That’s it. Make certain to observe instructions. For instance, shall we say you’re doing all your hands.

Start on one cease and waft the No No Hair System device at a 90 diploma perspective to the opposite cease. When you reach the end, ensure to raise the unit. Don’t stop it on your skin and allow it take a seat there or you could experience a slight burn. Remember it makes use of warmness to zap the hairs. Don’t fear… It does not hurt.

Before you begin remedy with the No No Hair System, you want to make certain your skin is easy and dry, and that you’re the use of the proper-sized blade that incorporates the machine, for the location you’re concentrated on. If you are doing all your top lip, use the smaller blade, in case you’re doing all your fingers, use the bigger blade. The No No Hair System is an absolute no-brainer on the subject of ease of use.

It’s crucial to observe that the No No Hair System folks let you know that to achieve precise hair reduction, the No No Hair System must be used 3 instances per week on supposed areas, particularly inside the beginning of your remedy phase, for a duration of approximately 6-eight weeks. I might pass a chunk in addition and say that if you may use it greater regularly, achieve this. You will see higher consequences and there are no facet-effects to using it greater. But it sincerely relies upon on how touchy your pores and skin is, how an awful lot time you’ve got, how an awful lot hair, your pores and skin kind, and so forth. I become the usage of it four-5 instances per week for the first month.

My No No Hair System Results

I had been using the No No Hair System 8800 for simply over four months now. I have dark, obviously curly hair with olive complexion, so I’m taken into consideration an “exquisite” candidate for laser hair elimination (see the pores and skin type chart within the Laser Hair Removal publish). My personal revel in has been very good but to be able to range depending to your hair and pores and skin shade/type. To find out your pores and skin and hair type, please see my publish on Laser Hair Removal and scroll right down to find the Fitzpatrick Chart. I even have also examine reviews on people of various hair and skin sorts who have been the use of the No No Hair System, and the general public had been superb in their critiques, having skilled proper to extensive hair discount.

After 6 Weeks Using The No No Hair System

When I started out the usage of the No No Hair System I did not comply with the instructions and used it 1-2 per week for the first 2 weeks and saw little results (some hair discount, probable 10%). I was journeying for work at that time and just could not be steady with it. But once the dust settled I started out to apply it three – five times according to week and started out to see incredible outcomes after the fourth week.

There changed into simply true hair reduction already, I might say round forty%, however the excellent element is, my hair became developing in a great deal softer than traditional. My pores and skin wasn’t completely easy yet, and there has been a soft stubble in the hairiest a part of my legs (the shin) wherein my hair is more coarse. I persisted to shave as regular throughout the primary month to get a hundred% hair-loose outcomes, however I did locate my skin getting increasingly more smoother. By the manner, I’ve been using it on my legs and my upper lip only.

Please observe that I am no longer recommending you operate it as frequently as I do (four times in step with week). I did and it is excellent for me – I don’t experience any burning or facet results but all of us is special. I am a terrific candidate for laser hair removal consistent with the “Fitspatrick” Skin chart so I’m assuming my skin kind can handle it.

Treatment on my legs takes me round half-hour (I take my time and do it proper, at the same time as I watch TV), and around 7 minutes for my top lip, which is still a whole lot much less time than going to a salon or sanatorium in particular if you throw in tour time.

My trial duration changed into going to result in 2 weeks but I had seen enough – “chaching”! I offered it!

After 10 Weeks of Using The No No Hair System

I located that once 10 weeks I began to shave an awful lot much less – approximately once a month just to “smooth up” the few hairs which can be nevertheless growing. I will now begin to use an epilator on my legs due to the fact that I do not have enough hairs to sincerely shave. All I have now is new hair increase.

It’s been 4 months when you consider that I commenced to use my No No Hair System and I haven’t shaved my legs in 5 weeks, and still going…. This is a huge advantage. I do have a few hairs but they’re so gentle and light, I can’t see them so I’m no longer worried about it but. Okay….After five weeks of not shaving my legs and now not seeing any hair boom on my upper lip, I’m falling in love with my No No Hair System.

The Hot Blades

You will sooner or later need to replace the No No Hair System blades. The enterprise tells us which you must update them after about 1 month however I disagree. It’s been almost 3 months for me and handiest now am I ready to replace it. I already ordered a bundle of three blades for about $25. A colleague at paintings has the No No Hair System and although she uses it less than me, she has most effective changed it two times in about 10 months. She has the Classic unit and purchased hers ultimate year. Nevertheless, mine lasted 2 months longer than they had been presupposed to so do not spend your money except you need to. Gauge it for your self.

Oh That Smell…

Because the No No Hair System removes hair with thermal or heat power, it generates a smell of burning hair this is definitely ugly. To decrease the smell, I most effective use my No No Hair System in nicely-ventilated areas or close to an open window. Depending how a whole lot it bothers you, you can want to clean the dealt with place or take a bath after treatment (particularly in case you’re going out for a night in town)!

What’s It Going To Cost Me?

The cost of hair removal is definitely certainly one of my key concerns while making a desire among hair elimination systems. No No Hair System sells for $270 that is a great deal cheaper than expert laser hair removal. You may even ought to issue in the price for brand new blades which charges $25 for a % of 3. Although the No No hair gadget comes with a buffer and smoothing cream, you may not want to reorder this certainly. I don’t use the buffer, I just use a fabric to rub the hair off and I use my own natural skin lotion.

Keeping in thoughts that a professional laser hair elimination consultation (1 consultation) expenses between $one hundred (top lip) to $800 (again) relying on the body element, $270 may be very within your budget in assessment. Also, considering that laser hair elimination entails some remedy classes to acquire lengthy-lasting effects, it’s far surely the maximum high-priced option available.

The “Ouch” Factor

Another attention with any hair removal remedy is the danger of ache or destructive reactions.

This is an essential attention for plenty human beings in terms of deciding on now not most effective their desired hair elimination method however also the system. How does the No No Hair System rating at the ache scale?… Is the No No Hair System painless? Yes, simply. The No No Hair System is certainly painless on my skin, my friend’s skin, and at the customers I researched on-line. Outside of a heat feeling and a mild tingling sensation, there may be no pain.

As you waft the No No Hair System over your skin, it detects hair and zaps it – in different words, in burns or “crystallizes” the hair. Because of that, there’s a distinct odor of burning hair that lingers in the air. Unpleasant, sure. But not a deal breaker. This horrific smell turned into the only criticism maximum users had. The No No Hair System can motive accidental burns if you don’t use it efficiently or if you use it inside the incorrect regions. I did get “burned” as soon as because I used it the wrong manner however it became so moderate I do not take into account it a burn.

The Final Word

The majority of users I located online (as well as my friend and I), determined a substantial development in hair discount with regular, repeated use of the No No Hair System. In addition, No No Hair System does seem to paintings for all skin and hair kinds – I recognise of for a fact: dark brown hair with olive pores and skin (me) and mild blonde hair with honest complexion (my friend, despite the fact that her hair reduction was much less inside the equal length of time).

Your person choice and wishes will dictate what hair elimination gadget is pleasant for you. If what you need is a gadget so as to give you a totally long reprieve from hair increase, and cash isn’t a subject, than expert laser hair elimination is a good alternative. Who does not like to put again and be pampered? But in case you are involved with fee and need to significantly reduce hair re-increase for a reasonable length of time then the No No Hair System is genuinely worth the $270 onetime fee.

If you watched you just have to run the tool over your pores and skin some instances to have perfectly easy pores and skin, you’ll be very disillusioned with each hair removal gadget which includes expert laser hair and this one.

On the other hand, in case you’re organized to follow commands and use it regularly for a few months, then you will be glad together with your buy. Just do it close to an open window… Because it smells a piece. Follow guidelines, do it right, be patient and deliver it time! Don’t overlook, the No No Hair System is now risk-loose for 60 days. That’s plenty of time to return it for a full refund in case you don’t like it.

I wish this evaluate has helped set the proper expectancies for the product in case you do choose to go along with it. When I’m requested “does No No work”, my solution is a resounding sure. Bottom line, I had sensible expectations when I bought the product and I’m very glad with my buy of the No No Hair System.

Suzana Correa.